Yosemite 9-11-03

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Tenaya - Clouds Rest - Half Dome

The Plan:

bullet9/10/03 - Drive from San Diego to Lee Vining.  Drop a car at trail's end in Yosemite Valley.  Stay the first night at the Best Western in Lee Vining.
bullet9/11/03 - Civilized breakfast at a mountain lodge on Tioga Rd.  Begin hike at Tenaya Lake.  Climb Clouds Rest (10K ft).  Camp 1 mi below the summit at the world's most scenic camp spot
bullet9/12/03 - Break camp and hike 2.5 mi's to camp 2 near the junction trail with Half Dome.  Climb Half Dome.  Return to camp 2 for Bear Night
bullet9/13/03 - Descend from camp 2 to the Valley floor via Nevada Falls and Vernal Falls.  Pick up car in the Valley.  Drive to Lee Vining for last night stay at Best Western
bullet9/14/03 - Return to San Diego

Some Stats:

bulletDrive distance from San Diego to Lee Vining - 410 mi's
bulletDrive distance from Lee Vining to the Valley floor - 77mi's one way
bulletHiking distance from Tenaya Lake, over Clouds Rest, up Half Dome, descent to the Valley - 20mi + 3mi navigational error, ~25mi's total
bulletHike vertical gain - 4300ft, vertical loss - 8500ft
bulletProbability of encountering bears at camp 2 - 100%
bulletAverage life of pizza & beer after the hike - 0 sec
bulletValue of a nice post-hike shower - $1M

Some Notes:

bulletDay 1 was a gut buster.  Would have been tolerable except for a navigational error that cost the team 3 extra miles.
bulletCamp 1 on the downward shoulder of Clouds Rest was truly spectacular, witness the photo on the left taken from our tent!!
bulletThe bears at Camp 2 were "entertaining" however Mom and her two cubs wore thin after an couple of hours.
bulletThe climb up Half Dome may be a short 2.5mi's from Camp 2 but will test your stamina.  There was much debate as to whether the steps or the cable were the most challenging.
bulletOnce again, we took about 2x too much food.  It's amazing how little you eat on the trail.  Reminder: Keep it simple, as time for meal prep is short
bulletBeer will in fact stay cold in a good cooler for three days
bulletNext time, go in the Spring, the waterfalls are better
bulletBest restaurant in Lee Vining is... the Mobile gas station, really!