The Money Pit Part Deux

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Construction started about 20-Nov-97 on our remodeling job.  The contractor had just dropped off the dumpster and "Biffy" when these first pictures were taken.   You are invited to tune in frequently to monitor progress and offer your condolences.  According to our agreement, the job was supposed to take 60 days.  OK, let's start the watch and see how well he does.

Top 10 Contractor Excuses for Not Being Done On Time:

bullet"El Nino caused my sinuses to act up"
bulletThe Biffy overflowed
bullet"That black wire over there was still connected to Hoover Dam"
bullet"The IRS is after my ass"
bulletMexican holidays are as good as an AFL/CIO strike
bullet"Gee, them nails are sharp"
bulletPower naps every hour
bulletAlien abduction, courtesy of the INS
bullet"You wouldn't have signed the deal if I told you the truth"
bullet...And the #1 reason -- "MegaShit Happens!"

Remodel Particulars

bulletStop the leaks... everywhere... and forever!
bulletNew roof
bulletStucco the exterior
bulletNew Windows
bulletExtend the Family Room
bulletMove the fireplace
bulletRedo the Master Bath
bulletPatio behind Master Bedroom
bulletDoor from Master to Patio
bulletChange rooflines as necessary to leak-proof
bulletNew carpet (partial)
bulletLevel the FR floor


20-Nov-97 We sign the contract and construction begins.  Biffy & dumpster delivered.
28-Nov-97 The dog (13yr old Paws) falls into construction hole, has massive seizure.   Narrowly avoids her LAST trip to the vet.  Recovers miraculously in a week.
6-Dec-96 El Nino hits San Diego.  Front of FR is torn off.  Plastic covers FR and house leaks LESS than it use to.  Idea of stopping now, leaving plastic wrap on, and saving beaucoup bucks discussed and soundly rejected by the little woman.
2-Jan-98 The new room starts to take shape.  The view is going to be spectacular!  Vicki and I are scrambling to specify some of the details... like cabinet layout, electrical fixture location, phone and TV wiring.  Fortunately, the weather has been good over the holidays.
18-Jan-98 We're almost closed in.  Just a few holes to patch and we're ready to go for roofing and stucco.  The fireplace is mounted, the cabinets are ordered, the "pot shelf" above the fireplace and cabinetwork is framed out.
31-Jan-98 Had to weather several minor disasters.  Almost lost a carpenter through one mishap, succeeded in pissing off the roofing crew, and almost burned the house down.... And El Nino hit with force tonight!
1-Mar-98 Water testing the house has been no problem the last couple weeks.   Found a few leaks but nothing like it would have been.  Starting to make progress now.  Drywall is up and the popcorn ceiling is down.  No roofing or stucco yet.   Note also that pressing the date buttons at left now display the explanatory text page in the main panel so you can more easily go back and forth between pictures and explanation.  Try it!
5-Apr-98 Things are beginning to shape up.  The cabinets are installed and painted; tile-work is beginning, and things are getting painted.
14-Jun-98 DONE!  At least for now.  The final payment has been made.   The contractor has evaporated from our lives... until phase II, of course.   Your are invited to take a look at the finished product - outside and inside.

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