• Trailhead is Split Rock near the geographic center of the park. 
  • The first hike segment (red) is an easily followed trail-of-use.  Look sharp or you will miss the miners' house built into the rocks. 
  • The second leg (blue) bushwhacks down from Eagle Crest mine into an ever deepening canyon due north.  The going gets easier after the canyon "T's" into a wash at its bottom and turns sharply left (west) toward Desert Queen Mine.  Most of the mine shafts are high on the left wall of the wash.  Look for tailings streaming down from above and start climbing.
  • The third leg (pink-purple) continues along the wash from the Desert Queen Mine but soon turns into a rock scramble as it rises.  Boulder-strewn terrain soon gives way to to a sandy wash and then to desert floor when you reach the top of the gradual climb.  You'll find the Elton Mine shafts against a small hill to your right.
  • The final leg (green) begins almost due east across flat ground.   You will reach a down slope in 0.2mi's where you can see Split Rock and your final destination.

Click the "eye" to view a 3D terrain model from that vantage point.