The red trace goes basically north to Eagle Crest mine some 1.25mi's away from Split Rock, our trailhead.  Note the steep rise over the last 1/3 of the route to Eagle Crest and the steep fall down a canyon from Eagle Crest to a drainage (dark green).  1.1mi's from Eagle Crest along the dark green route brings us to the Desert Queen Mines located on top of a ridge.  Look for tailings to indicate where to climb if you want to look around J. Tree's largest mine complex.  

The next leg (pink), takes us from the Desert Queen Mines to the Elton Mines, a distance of about 1.1mi's.  Follow the drainage even though it is blocked by boulders in certain spots.  Have faith, you'll make it.

The Elton Mines are less spectacular but nevertheless interesting.  You'll pick up the ruminants of an access road near the Elton Mines leading toward Split Rock (light green).  Follow the road over the ridge, then veer right to Split Rock.  Look sharp and you may see cars in the parking area adjacent to Split Rock.