Grand Canyon NP

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Grandview Pt, Horseshoe Mesa, Hance Canyon, CO River '97
bulletLocation:  South Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ.  9mi's SE of Grand Canyon Village visitor's center.  Trailhead at Grand View Point
bulletFeatures:  On and off trail canyon hiking, spectacular views 24 / 7, mine shaft exploration, mine camp discovery, wall climbing, cave exploration (Cave of the Domes), off-trail route to CO river, drinking water along the way.
bulletStats:  Moderately strenuous 3 night, 4 day hike plus camp night before and after.  Approx 20mi's total.  Move camp twice.  4,000 vertical down then back up.
bulletComments:  One of the most feature-filled hikes in the park... cave, un-disturbed mining camp, deep mine shaft, off-trail hike to the river... VERY COOL HIKE!!  Have perfected this hike over 4 trials.  Added and subtracted features.  the '98 hike optimized the route.  Recommend following the Horseshoe Mesa '98 hike plan.


Grandview Pt, Horseshoe Mesa, Hance Canyon, CO River '98