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bulletStowell Family Database - The Stowell family genealogy database file contains more than 51,000 entries.  The file was derived from the W H H Stowell Genealogy book.  The database file requires Family Tree Maker v11.0 or greater.  You can get a copy of Family Tree Maker on for about $40.  You are welcome to download the file, however, it is >80MB's so it will take about 15min's with high speed cable internet.  Forget it if you have dial-up.  I'll send you a CD if you request it.  If you have trouble opening the file after downloading it, click here to download an alternate file in GEDCOM v5.5.  The GEDCOM file does not preserve photographs and some descriptive text contained in the FTM v11 file.  The GEDCOM file will come up in your browser as a text file when it is downloaded.  Save it as "Stowell.ged" to your hard drive.  It can then be imported into any other genealogy program.  The genealogy database has also been published to  You can use tools to explore at

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1. (uses Web tools on to navigate)
2.  Family Tree Maker v11 (purchase FTM at
3.  GEDCOM (any genealogy program will work)


bulletGarrett Ward Stowell Genealogy - Traces my lineage from 1625AD when the first Stowell made the trip from England to the New World.  The family name was founded in 1066AD in Cothelstone, England.  No record has been discovered that connects the Stowell clan in England with the New World transplants but the circumstantial evidence is very strong.


This is the original Stowell family home .  It was in an unbroken line of Stowell hands for almost 750yrs, from 1066AD thru 1820AD.  The house was originally constructed by a Saxon King and Queen long before 1066AD.  It is still possible to tour the home and hold planned events, such as weddings there. W.H.H. Stowell Genealogy book published in 1922.  Copies can still be found in rare book stores.  My copy arrived with a knock on the door delivered by Mr. Dale R. Stowell who generously gave me the book!!
First Stowell home in the New World, Hingham, MA.  One of the oldest houses in America.  Samuel Stowell was the first Stowell inhabitant in the mid-1,600's, the start of 5 generations of ownership.  The house was still standing in 1922 on Fort Hill Street in Hingham.