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bulletWhat it's Like to Drive a Shelby - This story was written by my daughter, Michelle who accompanied me on her first Cobra road rally.  She was taking a college English class at the time and chose the rally experience as her subject.  She got the only A grade from this teacher that she had ever given.  Not one edit was made to the draft.  If your want to know what it's like to drive a Shelby Cobra in anger for the first time... read!!
bulletEngine Build & Install - I bought this car in 2001.  After driving it for 3yrs, it was time for a new engine.  This pictorial essay chronicles some of the trials and tribulations of shoehorning in this massive power plant.
bulletPaint n Body - The car gets driven a lot.  Road rash buildup from sticky track tires killed the finish after a few years of hard use.  And spinning it off the track a few times didn't help either.  Soooo... I learned how to paint, thanks in great measure to some helpful souls at a local paint store... and painted the car.
bulletThe Finished Product - Tada!  Of course, rule #2 of hotrodding applies, "You're never done."  It is still a work in progress but at least she's not in pieces when these were taken.
bulletRoad Rallies - The home range has many good roads but once a year, we trailer her to some other part of the country to stretch her legs.  Here are a few photos from those events as well as on-the-road local drive environments.