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bulletCobra: This replica of a '65 Shelby Cobra is a project car.  Paint and body have been restored multiple times, the engine has been completely placed once, the drive train from engine back has shattered multiple times, the suspension has had major upgrades and is still the subject of ongoing improvement.  This section contains both pictorial essays and written articles chronicling some of the major projects as they unfolded as well as some key specs.  There is also a narrative, which pretty much nails what it feels like to drive this car in anger.  It is without a doubt the most unruly car I've ever owned... perfect!  Read on and you will understand why.
bulletNSX:  I have owned this Acura (Honda) NSX since 1995.  The car has been modified to produce significantly more power thru the addition of a centrifugal supercharger.  Engine management has been replaced and is fully programmable, providing endless hours of fun pursuing perfection.  A good place to start is the story of how / why the NSX was acquired... a fun read.  Pictures tell the rest of the story.
bulletOther:  This is a catch-all section for interesting (to me) car stuff.