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Cougar Canyon '00
bulletLocation:  Anza Borrego Desert, CA.  10Mi's north of Borrego Springs.  Requires 4WD vehicle to get to trailhead, though it is possible to hike an additional 5mi's in from where 2WD vehicles must stop
bulletFeatures:  Canyon hike, perennial water, shaded hike.  Psychedelic painted eye.  Indian pictographs.
bulletStats:  Day hike. 3mi's total.  Relatively slow going up canyon due to water, slippery rocks and vegetation.  Plan a full day for this one including drive in.
bulletComments:  Very pretty and fun day hike.  Surprising environment for the desert.  Lush vegetation.  Shaded hike.  Water available along the hike.  Finding the pictographs is not easy.


Cougar Canyon '01  
Goat Canyon Trestle
bulletLocation:  Anza Borrego Desert, CA.  8mi's west of Ocotillo. Can be accessed by 2WD street vehicle but high clearance is a plus. 
bulletFeatures:  Canyon hike, no water, some rock scrambling, spectacular wooden RR trestle. Optional - Indian morteros, Indian dwelling, RR artifacts, RR construction sites, RR tunnels, palm groves, Indian pictographs
bulletStats:  Day hike but best to camp at trailhead for early start next day.  6-8mi's depending on route taken.  About 6-8hrs.
bulletComments:  This is perhaps my favorite day hike in all of the SD area.  It is moderately strenuous but worth the effort.  That's why there are several travelogues on the same hike.  Each assault had a different twist, taking in some of the optional features listed above.  Recommend at least glancing through all three travelogues.  HIKE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


Borrego Slot
bulletLocation:  Anza Borrego Desert, CA.  5.5mi's NW of Ocotillo Wells. Accessible by 2WD street vehicle, though high clearance is recommended.
bulletFeatures:  Slot canyon so narrow that sometimes you have to turn sideways, wash walking, view from West Butt in the Borrego mountains.,
bulletStats:  Simple but interesting day hike.  4mi loop hike.  Takes about 4hrs but can be shortened. Low to moderate rating.


Carrizo Gorge
bulletLocation:  Anza Borrego Desert, CA.  12mi's west of Ocotillo, just off I-8 near Carrizo Gorge Rd exit.
bulletFeatures:  Deep canyon hike, perennial water, Goat Canyon trestle, RR artifacts, bush whacking, brush crashing, spectacular views from canyon bottom, nudist camp, hot springs
bulletStats:  3 day, 2 night hike plus one night at trailhead.  11mi's total.  Two cars required for thru hike.
bulletComments:  THIS IS A VERY STRENUOUS HIKE, SPEED IS 3HRS / MILE!!  Rewards are great, however.  Many early RR artifacts in the bottom of gorge.  Parallels Carrizo Gorge RR section.  Can visit Goat Canyon Trestle as hike option