Angeles National Forrest 4/20/97

Camp Hi Hill services all of the outdoor education needs of the Long Beach school district, one of the largest districts in the country. It is hard to imagine how they get all those grade schoolers through the program in one year. The camp used to be a resort early in the century, a get away for the adventure loving soles of LA. However, it must have taken a couple of days to get there. Even today the paved road gives a hint of what horse and wagon travelers must have faced to get there.

The camp itself is set down in a valley immediately below the turnoff to Mt. Wilson at Red Box, a mile beyond an intimidating iron gate. There are perhaps a dozen buildings which comprise the camp, some common buildings for student dorms, eating areas, etc. and some buildings for the resident staff. Libbi shares a cabin with three other staff members. The accommodations are far from primitive, essentially all the comforts of home are provided... like satellite TV reception... just what the hearty hiker needs after a day's work.

Several trails lead from the camp variously up and down the surrounding mountain sides. We circumnavigated the camp grounds on a brief loop trail just to give me the feel of the place. Pretty nice. Wish I had more time to explore.

Oh yes, the truck in the background is Libbi's new steed which she purchased from Terry, our hiking partner for the main hike. It's in remarkable shape. Terry obviously took meticulous care of it.