Angeles National Forrest 4/20/97

Thought this panorama picture assembly was going to turn out better than it did. It's my first try at stitching together photos. Obviously, I have a lot to learn about the photo-processing software. Anyway, you get the idea. Some of the photos in the panorama are hot linked to full size versions so click away! (Angle covered is about 200 deg)

Libbi, Terry and I lucked into a beautiful Sunday for our hike in the high country east of Los Angeles. It's hard to believe such pristine wilderness is so close to LA. Entry into Angeles NF was made via Rt. 2 at La Canada NE of LA center. Rt. 2 leads up to the Mt Wilson turnoff, where Camp Hill is located. Libbi showed me around her place of business before we joined up with Terry for the day's primary hiking activity.

Terry, among other things, is a Forrest Service volunteer and a life long visitor to Angeles NF. He suggested we continue up Rt. 2 to Islip, where the road is barricaded during the winter months. There are several hiking possibilities out of the Islip parking area. We chose the direct route to Little Jimmy Trail Camp and then up to the mountain top. The above panorama was taken just below the peak at a spot which overlooks (I can't remember) river valley and several lakes (e.g., Crystal Lake). Having a jungle guide like Terry certainly enhanced the trip. We wasted no time getting to the scenic stuff.

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