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About This Site

All Web sites are a work in progress.  This one is no exception.  The original site was created in the mid 1990's strictly as a family information Web but quickly drew interest from outside the immediate family with the growth of Web search engines.  This latest incarnation was designed to encourage birds-of-a-feather to find information in three areas of common interest.
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Contact the Author

You are welcome to contact me at the e-mail address below on any of the subjects contained in herein.  I know... it's nutty to give out one's contact info on-line but I'd rather sort thru the resulting spam than miss correspondence from you.

Gary Stowell
San Diego, CA



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HikesSlideSho.gif (65913 bytes)Hikes & Travelogues

More than 15 outdoor adventure travelogues, photo-essays, and stories are featured on this, the most active branch of the Family Web.  Each is offered up with a story line, many pictures, and a dash of humor.


Stowell Genealogy

Thru a double stroke of luck, I am in possession of an 1,100pg hardback genealogy of the Stowell family and an electronic database derived from the book.  You are welcome to download the database and explore the Stowell haritage.  I enjoy correspondence on the subject so don't be shy.




Yes, I'm a car guy, always have been but now that I'm retired there is time to spend on the hobby.  You'll find stories, photos, specs, and other car-related activities chronicled here.

Other Stuff

If it ain't hikes, genealogy or cars... it goes here... like home and family things.